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Session Rules & Requirements

Everyone likes to be prepared and ready to go for your fun session, so here are some rules and requirements when it comes to booking with Four Seasons Photography

1. Sessions must be booked 7 days or more in advance with a retainer fee of $50. This ensures proper time for you and I to prepare for the session and the retainer fee guarantees your time slot for that day. The retainer fee is non-refundable and is required when finalizing your session date. 

2. Four Seasons Photography does not offer props at this time. If you wish to bring your own to include in your session, please do! This can include anything like signs, toys, even cars, and/or pets. 

3. Contracts must be signed before the session starts. If the proper contracts are not signed, the the session will not begin. This is to protect you and I from legal matters. 

4. The session must be paid in full before the session starts. If there is no full payment before the session time is supposed to start it will not begin. If you're unable to pay for the session at one time, I suggest booking weeks/months in advance so payments can be made. 

5. Many venues around NWA require approval and appointments before photos can be taken so any  location chosen by you or by Four Seasons must be approved by the venue if applicable. 

6. Travel fees will apply to certain sessions depending on their locations. Travel fees are based off of average time to drive to each location

7. If a venue requires a fee to book your photography session, that will be applied to the session fee as well. Some venues are free, some venues are $100+ a session. The choice of venue and the type of session will determine the venue cost. 

You can see our full policy/terms and conditions here.

If there are any more questions, don't hesitate to pop over 
to the Meet Us tab to shoot us a question or book your session!